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We Mend is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Tending to web site repairs
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Tell us exactly what you wish to have done:

Many of our services are based on a flat rate and
can be simply ordered online or by mail, using our
shopping cart. If we presently do not have a flat
rate for your requirement, we can provide a quote
based on a specifically written project scope.

Web site improvements are done at:

Repairs we regularly address:

Doctor online presentations or simply changing
a few inaccurate statements.

Encode pages to call forth a web site favicon.

Rewrite search engine friendly descriptions.

Simple reformatting of page displays, fonts,
font sizes, colors and/or backgrounds.

Find, correct or remove dead links.

Hone existing meta tag keywords.

Resolve screen display problems.

Edit a slow loading web image.

Revision of copyright notice.

Change out-of-date material.

Rectify text justification.

Correct title bar messages.

Restructure table formats.

Upgrade contact listings.

Update site hyperlinks.

Eliminate misspelling.

Revise typing errors.

Mend broken links.

Redo meta tags.

Ready for assistance? Contact us

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